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The Museum Of Merapi

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Merapi Eruption

We still remember with Merapi disaster recently. That is frightened many people that be victims. And in this post I won’t explain about this, but I want tell you about “The Volcano Museum of Merapi (Museum Gunung Api Merapi)”. This place is located in Hargobinangun Village, Pakem Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. There is not too far from the central of Yogyakarta.
The Volcano Museum of Merapi was opened in October, 1th, 2009. This Museum is open to give the information about the disaster of Merapi Mountain to the people, and elucidation how to overcome the volcano disaster. Inside the Museum, we can see the old instrument from Merapi Mountain Guardhouse, such as: old Computer, seismograph, radio, and many more.

Moreover in this place you also see remainder things from the Merapi Disaster, such as: a burnt motorcycle,ash full hour wares, a photos of volcano eruption and many more, I think if you want see more about this you must go there.

This Museum has vast 4470 m2, and have some parts, like Volcano World and On the Merapi Volcano Trail. At Volcano World segment you can get Information about the benefit of Volcano, photos of the volcano, the interactive map about the location of Volcano in the world and many more. At On the Merapi Volcano Trail segment you can get information about Merapi, like the history of eruption, lava current map, or some myths about The Merapi Mountain.

Okay, if you want to know many more, lets go there, I will always wait you….

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