Jumat, 08 Desember 2017

Parangtritis Beach (Nice Sunset Here)

Parangtritis beach, certainly you ever hear that, this beach is the most popular beach in Yogyakarta. If you never visited here, let me tell you about the location of this beach. This beach is located in Parangtritis village, Kretek, Bantul, Yogyakarta. Its 27 kilometer to south from the Yogyakarta City.

This place is popular with the sunset, so I suggest to you to visit this place in the afternoon. In that time you can see the beautiful sunset, so don’t forget to bring the camera, if you like photograph I believe you will not disappointed. This place also have a wonder place, it is the waterfall, this beach is have a waterfall in the east part, near the reef, its so amazing. And from information whom I accept, this beach is have a temple, if you not believe with it, come on go to this place.

You are lazy to walking around?? Or you’re tired? Don’t worry, you can charter ATV, or you want more traditional vehicle? You can charter carriage in this place. This beach is so beautiful and romantic, so come here with your love or your family.

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